General information about the study of medicine

In medical studies, one first acquires basic knowledge of anatomy and physiology. In later specializations one deals with individual organs such as the heart and lungs and special social groups such as children or seniors. Medical studies is considered to be one of the hardest to do, because a very large amount of specialized knowledge has to be learned, for which a fundamental scientific understanding is indispensable. This is especially true for the fields of biology and chemistry, without their findings many medical treatments would not be possible. Not to be underestimated are mathematical skills, especially in statistics. In clinical trials, for example, a statistical analysis of patient records to determine whether or not a particular drug shows significant influence.

Of great importance for the reputation as a doctor and later career prospects is the degree. Especially for the prestige (legally a master’s degree is sufficient to practice as a doctor completely), the majority of students still the doctorate on it. However, they make it harder to study than it already is, because contrary to other subjects a dissertation in medicine is already begun between the 5th and 10th semester. This adds a further burden to the considerable amount of learning in terms of knowledge, Latin, scientific fundamentals and practical work in the laboratory. If you want to obtain a PhD only for prestige, the dissertation does not have to produce such scientifically profound and, above all, new insights than if you are aiming for a research career at the university. But even in the case of the easier doctoral thesis, it is hard enough to satisfy all the criteria of scientific work satisfactorily.

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