General information about literature

Literary studies examine the poetic and narrative works of various authors. In doing so, she examines the historical context, tries to find out which social problems or philosophical questions are raised in the works, and also treats the reception of other authors at a later time. Due to the fact that different themes and ideas were influential at different times, the content spectrum of literary studies is very extensive. It goes from the ancient question of the action of fate on the typical medieval praise of God’s fear and the Enlightenment criticism of outdated social and political relations to utopias and dystopias of modernity. Depending on the orientation of the subject at an institute, the study can be divided into sections according to different epochs or geographical assignments (English, German, Spanish literature, etc.). Particularly in the case of an epoch-structured study, there are many cross-connections to the subject of history, because the historical context is essential for explaining the key ideas in many works. As a humanities subject requires comprehensive and therefore very time-consuming reading and research. Indispensable for the success of the study is a good methodological preparation. Often one applies comparative methods, but equally important in connection with historical analysis is the hermeneutic method in order to better understand individual passages in the overall context of the work, especially as this in turn helps to compare.

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